Study Tips for Passing the Bar Exam

study bar tips

Studying with a view by Albert Herring.

It’s finally summer and, as all recently graduated law students are well aware, Bar Exam season is officially upon us! We interviewed our GLA staffers that are licensed attorneys about what study tips and tricks helped them pass the bar exam after law school. Here’s what they had to say:

“Non-bar review things that helped get me through studying: Coffee, music, exercise, chocolate-covered pretzels (the latter were my staple food in law school). Keeping a regular study schedule was very important. That way, studying became more of a routine and I didn’t panic (much) about finishing the material on time or getting enough practice. And of course, practice, practice, practice. And more practice.” Anda Lopazan, Legal Fellow and Director of Volunteer Services at GLA.

“The most helpful resource for me was audio study guides. I borrowed the Sum & Substance series from my law school library and would go for long runs every day listening to the tracks on repeat. It was a great way to break up the monotony of sitting at the library reading and writing flashcards. Also, you can’t let yourself feel guilty about turning down summer social events. Studying for the bar needs your full energy and attention, so you need to be extra selective and attend only the most important events (i.e., weddings & birthdays). I promise your family and friends will forgive you!” Katherine Eppley, Legal Fellow and Director of Communications at GLA.

“If possible, watch the lessons from home online. It provides more schedule flexibility, like being able to start earlier, and saves travel time. The travel time saved gives you extra study time during the day, which opens up your evening (if you so choose) to spend with yourself or significant other. You’ll appreciate the free time, and your significant other will appreciate you having time for them.” – Matthew Goings, Legal Fellow at GLA.

“I found reading previous sample essays provided by the state bar and hand writing material to be extremely helpful! Also, practicing with flash cards and talking through study questions out loud to other students taking the bar.” – Michelle Imoukhuede, Staff Attorney and Director of Patents at GLA.

Best of luck to all Bar Applicants this upcoming July! Feel free to stop by the Georgia Lawyers for the Arts offices to ask for more advice and study help from any of our stellar attorneys.