Arts Cases Available for Placement

June 24,  2022

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Thank you to Sunnita Blount  for taking a case since our last newsletter.


A1491-3-D: Writer Seeks Assistance With Copyright Infringement

Client, a mother of three, began writing a journal when she was eleven. The subject matter of this journal, and the eventual book, deals with themes of surviving childhood abuse. The journal contained details of a troubled childhood. Client sent a manuscript to a publisher (Adverse Party)  in October 2014, but fearing a scam, did not sign the publishing agreement  She told the publisher not to do anything with the book. Client self-published through Amazon in December 2015. In January 2016, a movie was released that Client believes infringed upon her work. Client also believes a subsequent movie contains infringing material from her work. Client believes the AP used material from the manuscript prior to and following Client's self-publishing. Publisher denies that she had had access or contact with Client, but after Client's computer crashed Client went to a computer specialist who she states found evidence of the publisher tampering with files on her computer.


N5277-1-C: Non-Profit Seeks Advice and Assistance With Possible Non-Conforming Activities

Client was formed 5 years ago to support the arts in Georgia. More laterally, the Client has formed as a non-profit entity and has applied for tax exempt status. One of Client's activities includes providing gallery space to artists to sell their works. The IRS has objected on the basis of conferring a private benefit. Client would like the assistance in responding to the IRS and, if necessary, assistance in setting up a separate structure for these activities.

N5393- 1-C: Non-Profit Seeks Advice (Only)

Client, a non-profit, was formed several years ago for a single venture; a documentary film. The company was dormant for approximately 15 years, but has continued to file all required documents to maintain corporate and 501(c)(3) status. Non-profit is considering a new film project in partnership with and concerning a first nations community. As non-profit considers various options for moving forth with the film project, it would appreciate some counsel on the following questions.Can the non-profit be used for this project? If so, could it be involved in the preliminary activities including fundraising and then hand off to another entity? Is there a preferred or suggested manner to involve the community in the film project such as an advisory board or another role through contract or otherwise? Would formation of a new non-profit with or without 501(c)(3) status in the state where filming will take place be a viable alternative option?