Arts Cases Available for Placement

January 25, 2022

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A4611-1-K: Contract Termination

Client has worked in the film and television industry for decades including 12 years as a producer at a non-profit broadcaster. After leaving her employment, Client produced a documentary about women's empowerment through their bodies. In 2018, Client entered into a 5 year agreement for distribution of the documentary. Reporting and payments have been inconsistent and only when requested by Client. In June 2021, the distributor acknowledged funds were owing but it did not have the ability to pay at that time. Client would like the contract terminated, outstanding payments made and to take over any sub-distribution or licensing agreements entered into by Adverse Party.

A3754-3-K: Musical Composition Agreement and Negotiation

Client, a scriptwriter and publisher, would like the assistance of a volunteer attorney to obtain 100% of the rights to a song the client created in collaboration with another music composer. The client would also like to negotiate compositional and mechanical rights to the musical composition.

A4630-1K: ​​Contract/Payment Dispute

Client is an emerging art curator. She was introduced to an artist (Adverse Party) through her former employer. AP hired Client to curate her solo show for a fee equal to a percentage of the value of the works curated. Client also took on extra work when works were substituted,  when the original gallery backed out of the show and also took on some administrative tasks. Client was not paid fully for the work performed and AP tried to change the agreed terms. Client would like an amicable resolution as AP has a great deal of influence in the community and Client is trying to break into the community.