Arts Cases Available for Placement

May 14, 2024

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A5448-1-K: Artist/Inventor Needs Template NDA

Artist is a furniture maker, illustrator, poet and a writer, as well as an inventor. Artist recently applied to Georgia PATENTS for assistance with filing a patent application. As she intends to monetize her invention she needs a non-disclosure agreement so she may speak with potential manufacturers or partners without impacting her patent rights.

A4493-1-K: Contract Interpretation & Tort Allegation


Artist is a choreographer who choreographs for theatre when the script includes charged or intimacy components. Artist consults to various productions and has both performers and the theatre company sign an agreement confirming that she coordinates scenes and is not a therapist. The agreements are governed by Georgia law. Last summer, Artist consulted on a production located in Washington State with one performer (AP) from California. The project was 10 weeks, of which one week was in person. Near the end of her consultancy, AP indicated she was not doing well and Artist gave AP a number of referrals to licensed therapists in AP's state. Artist has subsequently become licensed in Georgia as an associate counselor. Within the last few weeks, Artist received a long letter form AP outlining her grievances with Artist and used language which indicated "negligence." Artist would like the contract signed with AP reviewed to determine if it is binding and if she has any potential professional liability, how to respond to the letter, and if the insurance carried by the theatre company might respond to the situation.


N0663-1-E: Nonprofit Organization Needs Guidance in Hiring New Staff Member

Client is a nonprofit organization in the fine art space, with a mission of educating and training the public. They currently have one employee along with several contract teachers and volunteers.  With a move to new studio space, their audience has increased, and  they need to hire an additional staff. person  The organization would like to understand the various methods of bringing  on a new staff member, including as an employee on a full or part-time basis,  as a contractor or otherwise and the form of contract, if any, and  any requirements under Georgia law with respect to a new staff member.  As well, they would appreciate advice on and preparation of any ancillary documents that they may need, such as an NDA applicable to employees, contractors and volunteers. After determining the type of new staff member, the organization would appreciate review of the job posting to ensure it is clear as to the nature of the position.